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Premium bridal floral arrangements

Floristry, Styling & Event Production

Meet Brittany
(aka Floss)

Welcome to floss & fleur. 🌸
I'm Brittany, a qualified event manager with 10 years of hospitality/event management experience and a serious love for all things floral, design, and creating beautiful and memorable moments.

I pride myself on a one on one experience...

I find clients feel more confident when they have one person to liaise with from start to finish. Therefore I will be there to work alongside you every step of the way! From the first enquiry, right through until the event day - it's my honor to be the one behind all the emails, the calls, the site visits, and everything in between! 

It's the part I love most about my job, meeting a client, and watching their concepts and vision flourish and come to life on the day. 
I also have an amazing team assisting behind the scenes (that we call the ampersands (&) these incredible humans help out with all things floral prep, event set up, warehouse management, and logistics! & without them, I wouldn't be able to create the events I do!

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I've worked in the hospitality & events industry my entire adult life and there is nothing I love more than watching a group of people come together to celebrate something that is important to them.

Whether it be weddings (my favourite) to baby showers, birthday parties to just showing someone you love them; the satisfaction I feel, standing back watching guests enjoy the atmosphere I have worked with the client to create, ALWAYS makes my heart feel full. 

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it” — Julia Child


Floss & Fleur Defined..

Floss: The name my incredible mother has called me since i was a little babe. 

Fleur: Noun 


Me and the flowers...

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